Pros of Having a Business Partner and Close Connections

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More Brains, More Ideas

Two heads are better than one. Brain power is vital to a startup, as you need the ideas to understand where your business will be heading. Once you have your main business idea, you need to work out how it will be achieved, and consulting with your business partner will get you going in the right direction. 

If you are on your own, it could be easy for you to think of an idea which is good in hindsight, and you still go ahead with it. A business partner can look at that idea and expand on it in ways you didn’t first think of.

Combining Skills

You might consider yourself a Jack-of-all-trades, but there will always be someone who knows more about a specific topic than you. If you are a back-end developer, chances are your marketing skills aren’t as good as a marketing executive’s. So why not work with someone who is? You could create the best new system, but if people don’t know it exists, who will benefit from it?

If you can cover as much ground from the start as possible you will begin in such a great place. Going on from the previous example, you’ve dealt with the back-end of the system, what about the front-end? You might not be the most creative person and you would benefit massively from someone who has great CSS knowledge and is very artistic to make your system look visually great.

Double Checking for Alterations

If you get your product or service right first time, basically you are a wizard. Simply put, it won’t happen. There will always, always be something to work on to improve what you have, or even to get it to a level where it is marketable. Look at Apple, for the past several years, they have released Phones each September, with each model better than the last. 

They are a multi-billion pound company, and have the team in place to undergo such drastic changes. If you go solo, and don’t ask for any help, you are bound to miss a certain issue someone else could’ve seen within seconds. 

Connections lead to more Connections

People know people. And those people know other people, and so on. If one of your close connections helps you find a supplier at a good price, that’s one thing sorted. Then they might know someone who has connections with a warehouse where you can store your products at a good rate. They might know someone who works at a factory and can create your product at the best price. 

The butterfly effect is beautiful in business if you get it right, obviously not everyone knows someone who can help straight away with these things, but as I mentioned in a previous vlog, in comes the power of networking. You could network with a full stack developer whose team could help your system with its final touches, and then your system could be something that benefits the coder and they could end up purchasing your program.

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