Mindsets to Improve your Productivity and your Business

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When you are working away on your business, thinking of new ideas and planning for the upcoming days, weeks and months; the worst thing to kick in is procrastination. As technology advances, there are more and more ways for you to lose focus. Keep your eye on the ball and make sure any distractions are kept at bay.

If you’re working on a laptop or computer, make sure you only have the relevant tabs open, keep your phone out of arms reach and face down and if you have a TV in the room, even keep it off or have it set to a radio channel. 


If you want to release a product or service that changes the world, you have to believe in yourself and your skills. Everyone will always have that negative voice, but if you can deal with this and make sure the positive voice reigns over it, your mindset will be in the right place for taking criticism the right way and using it to improve yourself and the business.


It’s easy to understand that anyone who is impatient when launching their business is going to miss something and get things wrong. On the other hand, if you move too slow, competitors could quickly get the edge over you and your market becomes more busy making it very difficult for you to get noticed. 

You need to manage that thin line between moving forward and keeping still. Customer feedback can help you to move forward by understanding what their pain points are with your product or service for you to work on. Inflation and volatile markets could mean that you slow down your process and take things much more steady. 


Being a positive mindset is one of the best you can be. Instead of thinking no and why you can’t, think yes and why you should. This is one of the hardest to accomplish and execute as you have to have strong mettle to deal with any criticism or bad press that comes your way. Even as close as family members who say “I don’t know if you can do this”; convince them that you can and keep working on it. 

This is the best mindset to be in when your business has setbacks, as it means you can search for different solutions and opportunities. For example, KFC had a terrible sector in the UK when they “ran out of chicken” but they used this to their advantage with smart and witty marketing, meaning more people returned to the fast food chain when they were up and running as normal.


Every failure you have teaches you something new, and business is one of the only places in which you can be prompted to fail more times than you succeed. You only need to be successful once, but you can fail hundreds of times or more getting there. It’s all about how you learn from your failures, on a personal level and business level. 

It’s almost impossible to succeed without stepping outside of your comfort zone. The imaginary lines you draw in your mind which makes you think that you cannot achieve anything outside of it. Being in a learning mindset makes you try and step outside of this boundary and take that step towards greatness.

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