How to get your team looking forward to Mondays

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Mondays. When a lot of people think of that day, it’s not always positive thoughts. Why is that? To some, it’s that horrible first day back after the glory of the weekend, to others, more commonly entrepreneurs and smart thinkers, it’s just another workday. 

Almost half of all workers GLOBALLY are late to their job on a Monday, which is a galling thought. Not everything you can do is right, but there are certainly things to implement which can you and your team feeling much better during the Monday madness. 

5 Days, 40 Hours? Not Anymore

Fortunately for myself, this is something that I have never had to deal with. But for a lot of people around my age, older and even younger, they are very used to the five day workweek. Again for most, commonly 9-5. Ever heard of the saying “things change?” The same can apply here if you do it effectively. 15% of American businesses now have four day workweeks and this helps to boost employee productivity and morale. If you work Monday to Thursday, you will more likely to be returning to the office in a good mood. 

Team Cohesion

If you want the Monday to be a good day, start it off with a team event, like a team breakfast. This is a fantastic way of getting employees together and sharing what they did at the weekends and just chatting more informally and relaxed. You can also use it to share company details as well, as the environment and social factors will make employees more interested to listen and input. 

The Office is Happy Today

Hiring the absolute best might seem like the best idea on paper, but if they are introverted shells, it will make for a dull workplace. Get people who are very good and willing to improve, whilst making the office somewhere that they want to be, not need to be. 

Monthly team lunches is a great way to keep the team looking forward to something fancy. It gives them something to talk about and when it happens, they get to enjoy nice food on behalf of the business, and loosen up a bit so that they are happier with the colleagues around them.

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