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As the years go on, more and more people are moving away from part time and full time jobs to exclusively work from home. Being a freelancer has many benefits; no transport and office costs, dealing with managers and colleagues and much more. As a business, however, it can be imperative to utilise these freelancers to their, and your, maximum potential. 

Say your business is creating a brand new site and you require an experienced back end developer. Remember, once this project is completed there won’t be much, or anything for them to do once the site is live. Do you hire someone full time and try and find something for them to do once it’s done? Or do you hire a freelancer who can do this for the full duration and no longer? I would always consider the freelancer the right play. 

This point applies especially to startups and small businesses, do they really have the time to train a new employee? Probably not, and with that comes another massive benefit of a freelancer. They already know the job, hence they dedicate their time to doing it from home and hoping that these small businesses come to them, knowing they can get on with the job immediately. 

Also consider the fact that these freelancers have a ton of experience, if that is the sort of freelancer you are looking for anyways. They will have done work for a vast number of businesses, meaning they have taken knowledge from so many areas and learned to do tasks in quicker, more automated ways. Whilst they are with you, they should be a valuable part of the team, who can input more than just there tasks given.

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