The Best and Most Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs

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As technology advances and more people think of more ideas, apps will continue to grow and help you. You can’t do everything on paper anymore, it’s too slow and tedious; plus why wouldn’t you want AI and tech to help make your life easier?

Wave – Invoices/Receipts/Accounts

Wave is one of the best financial control apps there is. And it is fully free, forever. Track your income and expenses with the accounts tools, enter all of your receipts and keep them stored and create and send professional invoices directly from the app. 

Flowdock – Team Projects

Flowdock is what would happen if Slack and Monday had a brilliant baby. It is great for text communication with any contacts and bringing your work items into one place so that you can easily manage each client you have and the work that has been done and that needs to be completed. 

Tripit – Travel Arrangements

Tripit is the best tool for anyone that does a lot of travelling. When you set up an account and forward your confirmation email to tripit, it will come up with a full itinerary for you so you know what you can do whilst you are in certain places. The app will also sync with your calendar so you will get notifications of different activities, and just provides you with so much useful information. 

Evernote – Notes

Yes, most smartphones have a notes app already, but Evernote is like having Notes V2. You can set up to-do lists, set priority on different tasks with colours and more. It is also much more organised as the menu on the left highlight each group like a browser tab, so you can go into each and know what notes are there.

Skype – Comms 

Skype is just as good now as it was 10 years ago, only with more features. It’s quite common for people to need to video call managers or colleagues to discuss work and Skype still remains the best app for this.

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