The Key Benefits of Remote Working

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Commuting Costs

Whether you drive, get a taxi or use public transport; you will be spending a fair amount on fuel or tickets getting to the office. Not just that, but traffic is unpredictable, as are any issues and/or failures in the mode of transport you take.

All of this is eliminated when you work from home. You save plenty of both time and money from waking up at a similar time and commuting 30 seconds to your home office. Even if you meet up with colleagues/business partners on occasions, this will only be the sparse trip which won’t cause any serious commuting issues.

Renting an Office (And all of the overheads)

Depending on the size of your workforce, the cost of renting an office can be quite striking. Not just this, but all of the extra costs such as heating, electric and any other expenditure that can occur.

A group working from their individual residences saves these costs and it means that they can be invested into improving the business, or giving the employees bonuses for their work. A business can always register a virtual address so that they can continue to receive their mail and set up dates for meetings in an office when needed.

Lower Stress Level

Getting up, cleaning up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, commuting to the office. This is quite a common morning routine for many people which can be stressful whilst trying to look content and presentable in an office. 

Or would you prefer getting up, cleaning up, getting dressed, eating breakfast and sitting on the sofa with your laptop. I am sure most people would prefer this option. There is no need to worry about colleagues judging you for what you’re wearing, not doing your hair properly or any of that nonsense, you can focus on your work in the comfort of your own home. 

Work in tune with your Subconscious Brain

Your brain is the most important piece of equipment you will ever have. Without it; well… you know. Each brain is wholly unique, and with this comes a balance that office work does not often fix. Being a morning person or a night-dweller. Why not work when your brain is at its most productive?

When you work from home, you have the option of getting up early, say 6am and doing your most important tasks from the get go, knowing you’re at your best at this time. Or relaxing in the morning and starting your “shift” at 2pm and doing the key stuff at 8pm, something most offices aren’t really open to. 

Easier to manage Work/Life balance

Something more wholesome, do you like spending a lot of time with your family, partner, siblings and kids? This is much more easier to manage when you don’t have to go anywhere through the day. Sure it might be easier to get distracted from little ones barging into your quiet space, but a lot of people work for their families so seeing them can just be motivating.

Of course you can’t spend your whole day just relaxing and playing, but you can balance your work/life routine much easier when you have no commuting. Is it a lovely day? Take your siblings/kids to the park for a few hours. Most parks have benches for you to sit on your laptop and keep updated.

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